2021 Q2 RemedyOne Quarterly Pipeline Report

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2021 Q3 Quarterly Pipeline Report


Download our 2021 Q3  Quarterly Drug Pipeline Report

Our quarterly pipeline report provides insight into specialty and traditional drugs in development that are expected to launch within the next twelve months, with a focus on medications currently in Phase III studies. The report is a helpful tool for your team to keep updated on the latest drugs to market and to plan pharmacy benefits.

Our report is broken into four sections to help your team:

  • Generic Launch
  • Specialty and Traditional
  • New-drug indication
  • Comments & Insights Section

The Generic Launch section details which branded drugs will be released as first-time generics, their estimated date of release or loss of exclusivity, and the number of manufacturers competing for the generic alternatives. We also provide financial data that shows the 2020 sales for the brand drugs.